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Side by side concrete cleaned with the Roof-Brite System

Roof-Brite's HVLP cleaning system can safely eliminate mold, mildew and fungus (as well as dirt,etc.) from nearly any surface. Your shingle or tile roof is only the beginning of Roof-Brite's capabilities.

Now your Screen Enclosure & Pool Deck can be cleaned without the worry of damage to your screens and acrylic deck. Roof-Brite guarantees your screens are safe, because our system uses less pressure than what comes out of your garden hose nozzle. Ensuring damage-free results and harmless sanitization.

Concrete surfaces do NOT need to be cleaned with high pressure. Using the same low pressure roof cleaning system, your driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck, etc. can be cleaned without pitting their surfaces (causing rapid regrowth of spores, turning the area blacker, faster) and damaging their appearance.

Our Housewash service is still the best solution to the green, orange, and black areas that just won't leave you alone. Mildew is an eyesore on siding, stucco, brick, and especially wood. The Roof-Brite system may even save you from a paint job. If forced to repaint due to severe staining, our housewash system is the safest Pre-Paint Prep procedure in the industry. Gutter cleaning (Flow Restoration, where applicable) services are also available, to keep the debris that builds up in your gutters from plaguing your home's appearance.

We can clean virtually anything exterior, just ask!

Most homes can be cleaned completely from the ground, with garden hose pressure... BIO-Clean it!

Roof-Brite's Exclusive Preventive Maintenance Program

Once your roof has been cleaned, sanitized, and brightened, our Preventive Maintenance program keeps it looking new. With each visit, all loose debris is removed from the roof & gutters, from around skylights, and out of the valley (low) areas. The roof is then treated with our Preventative Fungicides to continuously re-sanitize, re-clean, and further brighten it until our next program session. The roof can be treated with an initial maintenance session (followed up by normal maintenance visits) before any stains are visible.

Once on our program, the roof will not show any stains.